After we have received a request with the required information, the customer is presented with an offer, which includes detailed technical specifications and is drafted free of charge. You may input the parameters for your crane on our demand form, or by e-mail or telephone. After approval or possible adaptations based on the customer’s wishes, the offer is finalised.
Subsequently, we draft a detailed design documentation, which is submitted to the customer for approval prior to manufacture commencing.

During manufacture, the customer, if he wishes and on the basis of prior agreement, may conduct a customer production audit, or designate his own representative for checking and the physical hand-over (though this is not a necessity). Each order has a detailed schedule of all the production phases, adherence to which is continuously monitored so as to prevent delays in delivery.

All processes take place in compliance with ISO 9001.


  • Our welding complies with ČSN EN 1090-2, EXC 3.
  • Weld quality grade complies with ČSN EN ISO 5817B.
  • Only experienced welders qualified under EN 287-1 perform the welding.
  • Our welding methods comply with EN ISO 4063 - M 135, 138, 111.
  • Automatic welding complies with ČSN EN 1418-135-121.

Electro installations

For our cranes and longitudinal power supplies we use high-quality cable suspension power supplies from  Conductix-Wampfler. All electro installations are carried out by our expert employees who have the prerequisite certifications. All functional parts of the electro installations are always carefully tested prior to being put into operation.

Surface treatment

The initial surface treatment of our cranes and crane trolleys involves continuous blasting technology. Then, complete and reliable anti-corrosion protection is applied using high-quality coating systems. This ensures the crane is protected against adverse effects in any environment (e.g. salt water/sea environment, high humidity, chemicals and the like).


We use exclusively attested high-quality steel materials.

Assembly, revision

Our cranes are assembled under the supervision of highly qualified technicians specialising in hoisting equipment and electro. Each installation is followed by a load test and, subsequently, a protocol of individual testing and electro revision reports is issued. Hand-over documentation is produced in compliance with Eurocode and also includes a maintenance guide and operation manual which detail all prescribed inspections and servicing.


After hand-over of the equipment, we provide support and warranty servicing to all our clients through our network of servicing centres spread throughout the Czech Republic.