STAHL CraneSystems today ranks among the topmost global producers of hoisting equipment and crane components.

Founded as early as 1876 by Rafael Stahl in Stuttgart, the company has drawn on this 110 years of tradition and experience to pioneer countless innovations in crane mechanisms, and the firm has made a notable impact on the development of lifting technology and the industry as a whole. Nowadays, it is a specialist in producing equipment to handle hazardous and explosive material.

STAHL CraneSystems produces the most comprehensive range of hoists and crane components worldwide which are rightly regarded as premium products in their field. Stahl hoists and crane components are produced in a state-of-the-art production plant in Germany, and a focus on high-quality production has enabled the company to maintain its dominant position in the market, without forgetting its social and environmental responsibilities.

STAHL CraneSystems is a market leader is thanks to its ability to create expertly-executed, bespoke, system solutions.  If the customer’s requirements are not met by a standard product, dedicated teams of engineers and technicians at STAHL CraneSystems always look for a suitable individual solution.

Customers of STAHL CraneSystems include renowned multinational companies, construction firms, crane producers as well as individual customers, both large and small. The company has an extensive network of subsidiaries, branches and business partners, allowing it to provide expert support to its customers around the world.

STAHL CraneSystems has always been open to new approaches and innovations, and the company continues to develop to this day.