Overhead travelling crane with portal extensions

We supplied CPOS, a company engaged in the production of large steel weldments a special overhead travelling crane with portal extensions.

Portal extensions are used for optimal use of the crane's through profile in existing halls. Most often, as in here, we supply these cranes as a replacement for old cranes. At the customer's request, the possibility of removing the old lighting of the hall and replacing it with modern LED luminaires was planned for the future. For this reason, the portal extensions are adjustable! Thus, simply when reassembling new lights, the ground clearance under the crane girder can be further increased without any modifications to the crane. The faultless Stahl SH 5 hoist with a load capacity of 8 tons fully covers the lift increase.

During the installation of the crane, the longitudinal power supply of the crane was modernized and a safe closed skid contact from the company Conductix Wampfler was installed.

We always effectively design crane technology according to the diverse wishes of our clients.