• The new process cranes in the biggest bus factory in CZ just finished!


    Adamec Crane Systems had been supplied in total 12 cranes including 6 overhead travelling bridge cranes and 6 underslung travelling bridge cranes to the reconstructed welding plant. Read more...

  • Installing new cranes in Sweden


    Köping in Sweden is currently under installation of our cranes to a new plant for production of nitric acid with production capacity of 685 tons per day! The company Yara International will use our four new cranes, the largest of which is the ACS 120 t + 16 t / 12.4 m. The other cranes ACS 25 t / 6m, ACS 1t / 5.4 m and ACS 1 t / 5 m / 6 m are not as large, but they certainly have their place. More information and photos coming soon!

  • A new crane for Bioenergiezentrum GmbH.


    A leading supplier of ecological heating company Bioenergiezentrum GmbH. in Austria, we delivered single girder crane ACS 12.5 t / 13.6 m for biomass processing project in Klagenfurt and its surroundings. The crane will be a part of the technology for biomass processing, and will be also used for assembly technology for center of Biocenter.

  • Delivery of cranes and certification for Russia


    We just finished the production of cranes 40 t, 16 t as Ex Proof and 8 t to the Russian Federation. Along with this we have reached a certification for a long-term supply of classic and explosion-proof cranes for export to the Russian Federation.

  • Installation in Liberia completed


    For a major Czech company Hydropol, we delivered and installed a double girder overhead crane carrying capacity of 35 tons a span of 8.9 meters including a crane runway length of 20.4 meters, which will be used for handling water turbine in the hall of hydroelectric power plant in Liberia. The hydropower plant will serve as a power source for rubber plantation and adjoining villages. Our installers was in quite difficult conditions, including assembled the appropriate testing. Overall the entire installation took 15 days. Both the client and the Belgian owner of the plantation were very satisfied with our supply and installation.

  • The new cranes to Sweden


    Adamec Crane Systems has won the tender for delivery of cranes with lifting capacity of 120 t, 25 t and others for Swedish chemical company.



    We are working on the implementation of the 35-ton crane, which we are giong to mount in Liberia in January.



    Dear customers, welcome to our new website. We believe it will enable us to improve the communication with you, including easy input of your inquiries.

  • 18 CRANES!


    For our customer, Swietelsky company, we are just producing 18 cranes for their client from Strakonice.

  • WE GROW!


    Due to the growing interest in our cranes a new designer Jan Hajek joined our team.