STAHL CraneSystems, the world’s leading crane manufacturer, with a long history dating back to 1876, is an expert in field of cranes worldwide. Like all of its products, the company’s hoisting equipment is produced with an unwavering focus on quality.

Wire rope hoists

STAHL CraneSystems wire rope hoists cover the SWL (safe work load) range, from a lifting capacity of 500 kg up to special open hoists with a lifting capacity of 250 t. The construction is based on a modular system, which ensures efficient production while maintaining the highest possible quality. The great advantage is this system is that it is possible to combine various individual parts so as to make every hoist fully suitable to particular requirements, regardless of whether the version is standard or special.

The attractive design of STAHL CraneSystems hoists features a compact, robust structure, and the hoists are extremely easy to maintain. They are also renowned for very smooth and precise start-up and braking, which is a hallmark of all STAHL CraneSystems products.

Explosion protection

Explosion protection technology from the world market leader in this field.

Aside from its wide range of equipment and crane components, STAHL CraneSystems also offer consultancy, design drafting and certification of its products for individual countries. STAHL CraneSystems products conform to the European ATEX directive, as well as current explosion protection safety regulations. In addition, as of 2010, their products are also certified in line with the internationally sought after IECEx system.

Download detailed information about explosion protection by STAHL CraneSystems here...

Chain hoists

No other producer offers such a wide range of hoists as STAHL CraneSystems. From safe workloads of 63 up to 6300 kg, from versions with explosion protection (Ex) to modular constructions and innumerable individual solutions, STAHL CraneSystems hoists can be used in a wide range of applications.

STAHL CraneSystems chain hoists have a sturdy construction, exceptionally small dimensions and place low demands on maintenance.

The SC series chain hoists are the new foundation stone of the STAHL CraneSystems production program. This newly developed standard hoist combines intelligent design, state-of-the-art equipment and an attractive price-performance ratio. It is also available with a frequency inverter in the SCF version.

Both the ST and SC type chain hoists are absolutely the best products in their class.

See the full range of STAHL CraneSystems hoists here.

Open-type winches

STAHL CraneSystems open-type rope winches are designed to lift heavy loads of up to 250 tons. Their sturdy, low-maintenance construction, together with a powerful motor, makes them ideal lifting devices for everyday work. In contrast to wire rope hoists, open-type rope winches require only a low number of rope reevings even for very heavy loads, making them highly effective while maintaining low costs.